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Trading & Sourcing

The purchasing process
Sinatis has an effective sourcing team designed to facilitate the import of products from China.
We offer China purchasing office service for our customers. In our three years of experience, we have developed a comprehensive purchasing process in five steps.

According to the study of precise specifications, Sinatis operates by sourcing suppliers and tenders. Our team sources research, locates suppliers and qualifies them based on their experience and manufacturing technique in your specified area.

2.Suppliers Audit
Our technical department on the field conducts an industrial audit of our selected suppliers. We control their manufacturing process, their management, quality and traceability.

3.Negotiation of contract
We support you in developing a contract tailored to your products. The contract is a necessary element for stabilizing the quality and price of purchases but also for the sustainability of your relationship with your supplier. Sinatis provides you with all the information on the development of your project in a single document.

4.Ongoing Quality Control
Our China team verifies that the manufacturing of your product is in accordance with required quality procedures. We are involved in the quality of each production step, with efficiency. Quality checks are carried out by auditors’ specialized in the field of your products.

5.Logistics and Supply Management
For each order, Sinatis monitors the operations to your warehouse. We are involved in the validation phase of the order, as well as production monitoring, validation of production, storing products, and booking the boat to transport in your warehouse.