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Sinatis Beijing

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About Us

Involved in trading, sourcing and services, Sinatis is the preferred partner for companies that want to develop their activities worldwide. We are able to do this through our local networks in HK, China and France, but also through our strong international connections in the Middle East, Maghreb, Africa, and in North and South America.

With offices in France, Beijing and Hong Kong Sinatis can provide direct and customized assistance to European companies with goals to develop in China, as well as Chinese companies looking for an international approach.

Sinatis Group was created in 2006 in Hong Kong along with Sinatis Ltd, its Chinese wholly owned subsidiary. Sinatis Beijing Trading Company was set up in early 2007 and Sinatis Europe, a Joint Venture between Sinatis Ltd and SOGIC group, was established in Dunkirk, France in mid 2007.

Sinatis has also developed a sales force to import and distribute wine and spirits in China and in Asia.